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Introducing a revolutionary product that will change the comfort of transportation forever! The Auto Bin was created to keep the environment free of trash while keeping your vehicle clean and safe. You will find the Auto Bin can be used for multiple purposes.

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The Auto Bin has a texture similar to a dashboard of a car. The Auto Bin is made of non-stick surface, so you can be confident that all of your trash, including bubble gum will be removed safely. The Auto Bin can be easily washed out to keep it clean. It is a Foreign Object Container and OSHA Compliant Container.

The auto bin behind car seats

The Auto Bin is a container for vehicles that can be used for any number of things:

  • trash
  • fleet receipts
  • ledgers
  • small computers and iPads
  • documents and more

It is an all-in-one unit that fits on the back pocket of the seat (without eliminating the use of the pocket itself). The Auto Bin has a texture similar to a dashboard of a car; it is durable, washable, and can transfer from one vehicle to another. Our product is “made in the USA” – produced and packaged. The Auto Bin has had a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office since August 25, 2015.

Say good-bye to trash, and hello to a clean car!

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